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I wanted to put together a blog post with all my favorite photos from this year, but we are in AZ right now and I left all my hard drives in California! 

2017 was an incredible year. Every year I feel like I grow and change so much, but I really think this past year I found myself. I found the importance of self care and self love. I completely transformed myself and my mindset (switched to a plant based diet, started taking care of myself by going to bed earlier/consistently taking care of my skin etc). I fell more in love with Leif than I thought possible. We learned how to work together more efficiently, stepped up our game and chased after our goals. We traveled to ten different countries (some multiple times). We had failure, but also the most success we have ever experienced. I had some of my darkest moments this year-full of anxiety and stress, but I am grateful for those moments because they have made me appreciate the joyful moments more fully. I learned that comparing yourself to others is the most meaningless and unnecessary thing you can do if you are looking for happiness. I learned how to use chopsticks. I read more books. I listened to uplifting podcasts that inspired me. I also got interviewed for a podcast that I listen to regularly (the podcast is called Munchin with Moguls and my episode should be out in a few weeks!!!). I started creating content I am really proud of. I focused on the people in my life who truly support me and made them a priority.  

I think the biggest lesson I am taking away from 2017 is the concept that you create your reality. You are in charge of your thoughts and actions, so make them positive ones. Be very intentional about your relationships and the kind of people you want in your life. Write down your goals and work towards them. They don't have to be insane, lofty goals. They can be as simple as drinking an extra cup of water every day, or waking up 20 minutes earlier than you usually do. Start small and work hard. Reaching your goals and getting into new healthy habits is empowering. Understand that no one's success undermines your own. Also understand that your goals don't have to be the same as anyone else's. Maybe your goal isn't to travel the world-maybe your goal is to be a better listener. Really focus on what you want to improve on and go after that. I think with social media it is so easy to feel like you aren't doing enough. I want to remind you that there are NO rules to life. You create the life you want for yourself-it is as simple (and complicated) as that.

Favorite Moments of 2017:

-Visiting Bondi Beach in Sydney

-Launching my iPhone workshop

-Going to a carnival in the middle of Paris

-Visiting Iceland Twice

-Cancun with friends

-Putting all our belongings in a storage unit and moving out of our first apartment

-Boat ride on the Amalfi Coast for Leif's Birthday

-Playing in a Sunflower field and visiting family in Germany

-Visiting Portugal for the first time

-Taking the subways around Barcelona

-Eating amazing vegan food in Bali

-Moving into our new home

-Acai bowls in Maui

-Hiking to waterfalls in Dominican Republic

-Decorating for Christmas in our new place

I am always so grateful for a new year and a fresh start. 2018 will have a very hard time out-doing this past year but with what we already have planned I can tell it is going to be unforgettable! I really want to thank you guys for following along on my journey. I am able to do what I do because of you and I am forever grateful. Wishing you a year full of happiness and dream chasing! xoxo

Watch mine and Leif's 2018 Goals video HERE.