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Hi everyone! In honor of Valentine's Day coming up, Leif and I decided to have a chill morning and make some breakfast to eat in our cozy bed. Sometimes the kind of dates that don't cost much money are my very favorite ones! I recently found out about Cstudio Home-a company that sells bedding, throw pillows, pajamas etc (basically all my favorite things) and fell in love with all the options they have! I was so excited to be a part of this fun Valentine's Day campaign so I obviously picked the pink bedding. ;) It is so cute-I am super obsessed with the duvet cover especially. I linked all the bedding below if you guys want to check it out! They have lots of fun colors and textures to choose from.


In this post, I thought it would be fun to answer a few relationship questions with Leif! We are approaching our 2 year wedding anniversary which is crazy to me!! Time has flown but I also feel like we have been married forever. SOOO here we go:

Do you remember the first thing you said to one another?

L: I think I just introduced myself and then said that I'm excited for our date in a couple days. (We got set up on a date but we met a couple days earlier. Kinda awkward.)

J: I really can't remember the words exchanged-we just told each other our names and shook hands awkwardly. Haha We met under an interesting circumstance. My friend Alli (Leif's sister in law) set us up on a blind date that was happening on a Friday, but I actually met Leif on Wednesday (a few days before the date), because I was taking Alli + Cohen (Leif's Brother)'s engagement photos. So I came to their house so we could drive together to the location and that is when I met him for the first time! It was kind of an awkward encounter because we knew we were going on a date that weekend but we didn't know each other at all and had never even seen each other.

What is your favorite quality about each other?

L: I love that Jaci is so empathetic. She can pretty much understand where anyone is coming from. She feels their pain and their happiness. She really cares about how she makes others feel but she doesn't let that change who she is. She will always do what's right and be genuine to who she is, no matter the circumstance.

J: I think my all time favorite quality of Leif's is his genuine kindness and selflessness. He is so thoughtful towards me and everyone he meets. He tips waiters and waitresses more than he should, and ALWAYS donates when we are at the cash register at a grocery store and they ask if we want to give money to a charity. I know those are monetary examples but it just shows how generous he is-it is something I really admire about him.

Who said I love you first?

L: I did. I had been working up the guts to say it ALL day and then as we were saying goodbye to each other for the night, I sucked it up and said it! Jaci is the only girl I have ever said that to:)

J: Leif did, but I said it right back! I knew it was coming soon-I had almost said it a few times just because it felt so natural, but I wanted it to be at the right time. He was leaving my house one night and as we were saying goodbye he said, "Guess what Jaci? I love you." I was soooo giddy!

Who is the messiest?

L: When we first got married, it was an even tie. Now I think Jaci is. I think her messiness has made me a cleaner person. But we are both working on being more organized together.

J: Probably me. And that is saying something because neither of us are organized people AT ALL. We are getting better though!

What is something people don't know about your spouse?

L: Jaci is THE goofiest person I know. I'm sure everyone thinks that about their spouse. It makes sense that we see our spouses at the weirdest because we are comfortable around each other. But, with no offense to Jaci, I don't think anyone can get weirder than her. ;)

J: Leif is really funny + witty. He makes me laugh without fail every single day. Today he made me laugh until I cried. Haha I think people may be surprised by that because he is kind of reserved at first, but when you get to know him he makes the funniest comments and he can think of them SO fast-it blows my mind.

Do you ever fight?

L: I wouldn't say that we fight. We disagree and get annoyed at little things every now and then but we always make an effort to resolve the issue as soon as possible. It's my favorite thing about our relationship

J: We definitely get annoyed at each other sometimes and get in little arguments. Mostly always over work (PSA it is hard working full time with your spouse!!!!), but the disagreements are usually over within 10-15 minutes tops. Leif is EXTREMELY humble and forgiving which is something I am so grateful for. 

Between the two of you, who would you generally say is the money spender and who is the money saver?

L: We are both spenders... I think I'm the one to spend money without question or regret and Jaci takes more time to think about it. We are both also working on spending less and saving more

J: I think I would be considered the saver. I love saving money-there is something so empowering about putting your money into an account and not touching it! It makes me feel secure...BUT I also spend too much money and am trying to cut down! Leif is a spender for sure. He looooves electronics and always feels like we need to get random little gadgets-I usually try and talk him out of it. ;)

Who takes longer to get ready?

L: Jaci for sure. I think that's just a girl thing. You've gotta put makeup on, do your hair, put on jewelry, try on 15 different pairs of shoes!

J: Definitely me. Takes me soooo long to pick an outfit. 

What is your definition of a happy married life?

L: I'm happy in my marriage because I'm able to be 100% comfortable while being myself around Jaci and telling her anything, with no fear of being judged or mistreated. I'm happy because Jaci makes me a better person everyday. I think most of all, I'm happy because I feel so much peace and calm in my life because I'm married to Jaci. We are learning and growing everyday together and that's a happy thing to think about.

J: A happy marriage to me is two people who choose each other no matter what. My mom taught me that when you marry someone, you marry them for the person they are right then. You don't marry them hoping they will change. This is something I thought about a lot before I even met Leif, and while we were dating. I knew I wanted to marry Leif because I loved every part of him. He always made me feel safe and is the steadiest + most loyal person I know. Of course as your marriage progresses you will both change and grow but it is important to remember why you initially made the choice to get married and make sure you are working every day at building a healthy, happy relationship. I think in order to build that relationship you HAVE to serve one another and put each other first.

Hope you all have a magical Valentine's Day! XOXO

*Huge thanks to Cstudio Home for sponsoring today's post.