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Self Tanner is an absolute MUST for me, especially in the summer! I don’t lay outside and attempt to tan because 1. I don’t get tan no matter how hard I try and 2. I don’t want sun damage!!!

I have actually been testing out a bunch of different self tanners the past few months and I am happy to report that I really love this L’oreal Sublime Bronze Water Mousse. It is a really lightweight and hydrating formula that gives such a natural color that isn’t streaky or orange at all.

Reasons I love this product:

  1. It smells like coconuts. I’m not kidding, it smells really good and doesn’t have that classic self tanner smell.

  2. It goes on clear so it doesn’t transfer on to your clothes! You just let yourself dry for a few minutes than you can get dressed!

  3. MOUSSE. I really prefer mousse when it comes to self tanners! Again, I’m still in the process of trying new kinds but so far, my favorite products have always been mousse. I feel like it doesn’t go on heavy and it’s easy to apply without getting streaky.

  4. You don’t have to have a mitt to apply it. I have always used a mitt because most tanners will stain your hands but this one genuinely doesn’t if you just rinse your hands after! Because of this it’s much more convenient self tan and doesn’t turn into a whole production.

  5. it’s buildable! (You can apply it up to three times within 12-24 hours if you want it darker).

  6. It’s affordable! I have tried a lot of self tanners and a lot of them are really pricey and honestly haven’t given me great results. This one is $14.99 and it works!

This self tanner is currently available at Walgreens and if you want to get $2 off, you can click HERE to download the $2 off coupon! It is valid for 30 days after the download. If you get it, let me know how you like it! Happy self tanning!! xoxo