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Make Yourself Proud is a guide to enhancing your social media content and gaining an authentic following. It is 66 pages in length, split up into 12 sections:

-About Me

-What is an Influencer?

-Establish your Passion

-Let Go of Fear

-Time Management


-My Camera Gear

-Create Unique Content

-Travel Content

-Maintain a Cohesive Feed

-How To Gain Followers

-How To Work with Brands

It is a simple, quick read and is packed with all the knowledge I have about social media influencing + creating unique, beautiful content. After getting thousands of DM's asking how to become an influencer or how to be noticed on Instagram, I decided to create this online guide to help anyone who is getting started or simply feels they are in a creative rut. In this guide I reveal what I think is the key to eye-catching photos, how much you should be charging brands, how I stay inspired and much more!

This book is so much more than just "How to gain followers" or "How to get more likes". I want to give you tools to be your best self, make content and art that you stand behind and ultimately be a force for good on the Internet. 

As always, thank you so much for supporting me! If you buy the book and love it, please post on your IG story and tag me so I can thank you!!! 


Download Instructions:

The guide is a PDF file and can be downloaded straight to any computer or phone.

Apple users: If you want to download + view "Make Yourself Proud" on an iPhone, iPad, etc, you will simply click on the download link that has been emailed to you and open with Google Chrome. From there you will download the PDF and open with iBooks for easy + convenient viewing.

Android Users: Simply click on the download link that is emailed to you. You will download the PDF and it should save to your files.

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