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Hi everyone!! So, I wrote out this whole blog post yesterday, and then started to add the photos to the post and they wouldn't upload for some reason...so I saved as a draft and closed out of my blog. Then reopened it to try again and the whole post was gone!!! I was so mad! I really think it took me an hour to type out all of my thoughts, so I'm going to try and recreate it but I think it is going to be a little shorter than the original one.

So, this week right after we got home from Mexico, my lip developed an infection and started swelling SO much. It got probably double or triple it's normal size so I got prescribed antibiotics and am currently taking those and waiting for the swelling/pain to be gone. It is improving but I still kind of look like someone hit me in the mouth with a baseball bat. 

I took these photos right before my lip took a turn for the worse. I wanted to share my outfit details with you guys! 

I have been loving the color red lately. I bought this red bandana from Madewell over a month ago and have worn it SO much. I'm normally not one to accessorize too much but have recently realized how much it can spice up an outfit. I love bandanas because they are so versatile! You can wear them in your hair, tied around your neck, or just loop it around your purse like I did here. 

I got this "Merci" tee at Topshop a few weeks back and think it is adorable. I tied it over this polka dot dress to switch things up! 

And then, these loafers (on SALE currently!) are some of the comfiest shoes I own. I have worn them walking around all day or at a wedding from morning until night and they have never given me any problems. They have a few different styles and colors!

AND for some exciting news..... Leif and I bought a car this week!! We have been wanting this car for a long time and finally decided to pull the trigger. We have both been really inspired lately to work harder and live the life we want to live. I know it may seem silly because we are young, by why wait until you are older or "ready" to live out your dreams or go after the things you want? This has been my mindset lately and it has really altered my perspective and pushed me to work harder and be more passionate. I am SO excited for the future and what it holds! 

We are headed to Montreal today-it will be our first time and we are super excited! Hope everyone has a magical week! xo