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Happy Friday everyyyyone! Told you I was going to be better at updating my blog ;) I was hanging out with my friend Tyson the other day in LA and as we were driving, we saw this amazing car and had to take some pics with it! I love vintage cars so so much-I want to own one at some point in my life FOR sure. 

My friend Amber sometimes writes "5 Things" or "12 Things" blog posts (I can't remember the number), but basically just posts where she shares a few random thoughts she has or updates on life. I thought that would be fun to do for this post so here we go! 

1. I have always loved these retro style glasses and think people look so cute when they wear them, but never thought I could pull them off. I was in Urban the other day and decided what the heck! I think they are cute so I'm gonna get em. I also love this simple "Empowered" tee-I ordered it off ASOS. 

2. I have been SOOO sore this whole week because Leif and I have been working out every morning. My brother in law just started an Instagram account where he shares quick at-home workouts daily. They are so good! If you guys are wanting to workout at home every day for 20-30 minutes you should definitely check it out! 

3. It is 9:40 PM right now which is the latest I have stayed up this whole week! I feel like Daylight Savings is STILL wiping me out. I have been falling asleep at around 9 every night. I kind of like it though because it helps me wake up much earlier and get a good start to my day!

4. I am working really hard on an exciting project right now. It might be my favorite thing I have released so far! It is going to be affordable, and I'm hoping to release it in the next month or two. STAY TUNED!!!!

5. We have been home for almost two whole months! This is the longest we have ever gone without traveling since we got married. We have honestly loved it. It has been amazing to have more of a routine and feel a little more settled. That being said...I'm definitely starting to get the travel bug! We have been looking at plane ticket prices to a few different places. So a trip may be coming soon :)

^After I wrote that last one, I realized I JUST got home from a trip to Miami. HAHA. What I meant was Leif and I haven't traveled together + been out of the country in two months. ;)

Wishing everyone the best weekend!