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We just got back from our trip to Sydney and it was amazing! Leif and I have both wanted to go + we finally had a week off so we decided to make it happen. 

A few things to know before you travel to Australia:

-You need a visa. It is not hard to get, and is only about $20/person but you have to apply for it and pay online before you go. We had no idea, so when the lady at the check in counter said “Where is your ETA" (electronic travel authorization)-Leif and I just looked back at her with blank stares. haha luckily she told us the website and we got it all figured out but if you are planning to visit Australia, make sure to get that taken care of!

-Sydney is EXPENSIVE. Probably one of the most expensive places I have ever traveled to! Food is always a big part of traveling for us. We love to go to new restaurants and try out recommendations, so we spent a bunch of money on food this trip. We also had to pay for our Airbnb, rental car, and then parking pretty much everywhere we went! 

-The driver is on the right side of the car + you drive on the opposite side of the road. This may not seem like a huge deal but it is a lot different than America. We may have beat up one side of our rental car a little cause we weren’t used to parallel parking that way……hehe

Our fav places in Sydney:

-Bondi Beach

-Bronte Beach

-Surry Hills (this is where we stayed and it was a great central location!)

Good Eats:

-Grounds of Alexandria

-Speedo’s Cafe

-Celsius Coffee Co (most amazing waffle of my life-you have to take a ferry to get there!)

-Sádhaná Kitchen

I was a huge fan of the food-My cute friend Makenna lived in Sydney for awhile and gave us the best recommendations so that could be why! ;) But really I loved that a majority of the restaurants were healthy/fresh but still so yummy!

We were only in Sydney for about 5 days so our trip wasn't too long. There was so much stuff we wanted to do that we didn't get to, but that's how it always goes. This trip was mostly meant for relaxation for Leif and I because even though it may seem we are always on vacation or just hanging out/having fun, we actually are extremely busy with our business and don't get breaks to just relax very often. 

Pretty much the entire trip I wore swimmers from Albion Fit's new collection. I just need to tell you guys how much I have loved working with this company! They are the most genuine, kind people and have the most incredible team. In addition to that, their swimsuits are by far my favorite that I own. They are so cute and comfortable, with great coverage. I can't tell you how many swimsuits I have owned that are cute but then when I actually swim in them, they ride up or literally fall off me! These suits genuinely fit so well-I can't say enough good! 

I wore the Orange Striped Weekender a few different times on our trip. This is one of my favs! (I loove the back detail).  I also am in love with the Clementine Game Changer from their new collection. I don't own it yet but I want to get it! I get all their suits in an XS (i'm 5'3" and pretty petite). The other ones that I wore in Sydney haven't launched yet but they will soon.

We also put together a video for Albion Fit which I'm going to link at the end of this blog post. :) We are going to start posting all our travel videos on our new Youtube Channel along with some other fun stuff! I'm super excited about it, so subscribe to it if you want to follow along!

Albion was nice enough to provide me with a discount code for you guys which I am so happy about! Use the code "JACI15" to get 15% off your order and thank me later because you are going to LOVE everything you get! xo